Why J. Arnold & Associates Executive Search?

We dig deep to find great people. Turn to us to source candidates you cannot reach through traditional means. We have a reputation for finding the best fit for each specific need. We learn what has made you successful in the past and identify candidates who will continue to make you successful. We communicate with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth interview and hiring experience.

You can find a partial list of current clients here.

We understand the competitive landscape

You know the impact of advanced technology and the effects of global competition on your business. You clearly see the importance of containing costs and driving performance. And you certainly realize that hiring superior talent to lead and direct your organization is a prerequisite for taking your company to the next level.

We know you need exceptional people to achieve exceptional results. We find them.

The hiring decision is critical

We have established ourselves as a contingency search firm that produces quality, long-lasting hires. Our dedication and ethical approach has resulted in a strong reputation as a reliable and effective search partner. Flexibility in recognizing and meeting the needs of each client company is our strength. We will present candidates qualified for your position whose skills and qualifications match your need and correctly fit your company’s culture.

A bad hiring decision results in lost money, time, and morale. We are a search firm whose reputation and longevity gives you the edge in locating the best executives and management professionals.